Xpress Bail Bonds has over 24 years of experience in the bail
process.  Headquartered in Mansfield, Louisiana, we have a long
traditional background in the bail bonding industry.  Xpress Bail
Bonds is recognized for operating in a fair and responsible manner
and has grown to become a reputable and trusted business within
the local community and throughout the state.  We endeavor to
promote integrity throughout our company and to be a sound
steward in the industry.

Each day,  we are contacted by many families that need assistance
with bail.  Bail Bonding is an industry that people are not too    
happy to call upon.  Even though crime is a part of everyday life,
people still regret the thought of having to post bail for someone in
their family.  At Xpress Bail Bonds, we try to bring a comfortable
and calm approach to your situation and ease the process of getting
your loved one home.  Our agents are trained to help you through
these difficult times while maintaining
privacy and confidentiality
throughout the entire process.
The Company